Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Side Hinged Garage Doors for all Garage Door Manufacturers

Although not as common as some other garage doors on the market, side hinged garage doors
are a terrific alternative and provide benefits in terms of aesthetics, practicality and operation
that other garage door types cannot offer.
Side hung garage doors have the same uses as up and over or roller shutter garage doors, the
primary difference being the way the garage doors open and close. As the name suggests, side
opening garage doors are hinged on either side of the door and unlike overhead openings seen
on roller shutter and up and over garage doors, side hung doors open outwards like a normal
residential door.

There is a lot more scope for adventurous designs with side hinged garage doors. There are
countless combinations of door materials, finishes and colours are endless for side opening
garage doors, but also the freedom to choose window options and varying door split options.
For driving large vehicles in and out of your garage, you might choose a central door split, or if
you require regular access in and out of the garage on foot, you can opt for a 1⁄3 or 2⁄3 door split
which creates a convenient pedestrian door to the side.

Benefits of Side Hung Garage Doors
Side opening garage doors are not without their benefits and plenty of them. Aside from being
an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home garage, side hung garage doors also have
ample physical and operational benefits, a small handful of which include:
  • ● Extra Security
  • ● Easy Pedestrian Access
  • ● Practical to Open & Require Minimal Strength - Easy on the Back!
  • ● Made-to-Measure
  • ● Option for Electric Operation
  • ● Side Hinged Insulated Garage Doors are Available
Side Hinged Garage Door Seals

Garage Door Seals has a large collection of side hinged garage door seals to compliment your
home garage door. Our products are intended for a multitude of uses and purposes, from
blocking draughts and water-proofing your garage, to preserving heat and deterring pests, our
side hung garage door seals are a convenient solution to most of your garage door problems.
Side hinged garage doors are commonly made-to-measure to fit your specific garage, and so
Garage Door Seals understands the need to for garage door seals in all lengths and widths to
suit your unique garage door. Regardless if you are looking for seals to fit modestly-sized side
hung timber garage doors, or large metal industrial side hinged garage doors, the perfect
solution can be found at Garage Door Seals.

You can browse and purchase our side hinged garage door seals online today, or if you have a
more unique garage door seal request, call our team today on 01952 291 903 and our team will
be able to assist.
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