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How to Fit Garage Bottom Door Seal

Garage door bottom seals are a popular option for sealing your garage door. The fitting for this seal is slightly more complicated than floor seals, for example, but we will try to make it simple for you. Firstly, you will need to measure the length of your garage door. Don't assume or guess that it will fit, always go by exact measurements. Remember that the door bottom seal is fitted on the inside of the garage door, not the outside.

The garage door bottom seals will usually come with pre-drilled holes in the aluminium carrier. You and a helper (preferably) will need to position your garage door seal in line at the bottom of the garage door, allowing the rubber seal to drape over. Once you are happy with the positioning, mark through the pre-drilled holes (some may not be pre-drilled, so you will need to do this beforehand yourself) with a pencil then drill through the holes into the garage door - using a 2.5mm drill bit. A clamp or tape can help you to hold everything in place. From there, you can fix the screws provided using a cordless drill or screwdriver. Check the door shuts right; if the rubber seal is too long, they can be cut to suit.

It's a as simple as that. The key elements for getting it right is to not guess or rush anything. Do your measurements, line up nicely and get a helping hand!

Check out our brief step by step diagrams below to make sure you understand. Or give us a call, we'd be happy to help!