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How to Fit Garage Door Multi Seal

The multi seal is a great seal because it can be fitted around the bottom and sides of the garage, making it a great insulator. It will help reduce draughts, leaves, water and pests, so it is a good garage door seal. In order to fit these, you will need to measure the overall lengths of the garage door, before cutting the seal down to size. Don't rush this step, as you don't want to accidentally cut it too short.

The area should be clean and tidy, along with the underside of the door itself, before beginning to fit the door multi seal. The multi seal has double-sided tape, so it can be easily fitted to the garage door. Once you have done the cutting down, begin fitting the multi seal to the garage door, starting one side then working your way along slowly. Be sure to keep the seal in line with the underside of the door, allowing the rubber overlay to drape downwards. You can add screws for extra security if needs be, but test that the door shuts correctly.

Check out our brief step by step diagrams below to make sure you understand. Or give us a call, we'd be happy to help!