Garage Door Maintenance Tips from the Experts

By Stormstop / 20th June 2024

Now is the perfect time of year to give your garage door the once-over and carry out any garage door maintenance you might need to keep your space in top condition. Faulty or inefficient garage doors could let all manner of things into your garage space with everything from rodents to rainwater entering through gaps. We’ve pulled together a handy garage door maintenance checklist to help keep your garage door in top condition year-round.


Why is Garage Door Maintenance Important?

Regular garage maintenance is key to keeping your garage dry and clear from debris. By regularly maintaining your garage door, you could avoid costly repairs in the future or even the need for a brand new garage door due to damage.


Checking things like garage door seals and searching for any gaps that might appear over time will help to keep out draughts and damp weather which could all be having knock-on effects on your heating bills if your garage is joined to your home. Doing these checks also helps ensure no pests such as rodents are sneaking in through the gaps in your garage door.


Garage Door Upkeep Essentials

There are some essential parts of our garage door maintenance checklist that will help keep your garage door in perfect working condition. We’ve split these down into weekly or bi-weekly tasks, seasonal tasks and yearly garage maintenance tasks to help you keep track of your garage door upkeep.


If you haven’t checked your garage door for a while or since you bought it or moved into your home, it might be worth running through all of these checkpoints just to be sure.


Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance Tasks

These are tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis to keep your general garage door health up.


  • Do a review of your garage door to check for any signs of wear and tear or misalignment.

  • Lubricate the hinges and springs of your garage door to keep them running smoothly.

  • Test your garage door is working as it should be by opening and closing it and checking the movement.


Seasonal Garage Maintenance Tasks

These tasks can be performed on either a monthly or seasonal basis as they take slightly longer than your weekly upkeep tasks.


  • Clean your garage door tracks and rollers to remove any debris or dirt that might have built up there as well as the general garage door area to help with step two.

  • Check for any damage to your garage door seals including cracks in the rubber or damage to bristles if you have a garage door brush strip fitted. As well as a visual inspection of your garage door seals, you can place a piece of paper on the floor against the bottom of your garage door to test for movement from draughts that might be sneaking in. Similarly, aiming a light spray from a hose pip against the side of your closed garage door can help test for any leaks that might be allowing rainwater to enter.

  • If you notice any problems with your garage seals in the step above, replace these with new seals to ensure your garage door is protected.


Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Around once a year it's a good idea to check the workability of your garage door to ensure no wear and tear has occurred.


  • Check for any loose bolts or screws in your garage door or frame and tighten if necessary.

  • Do a quick check of the springs for your garage door to ensure they are not corroded and replace them if needed.

  • Do a spot check of all of the functions of your garage door to ensure it is working and moving smoothly and address any concerns found.


Choosing High-Quality Garage Door Seals to Protect Your Garage

One thing that should never be compromised on when caring for your garage door is quality. By choosing high-quality garage door seals from the start, your garage door will be protected from rainwater, draughts and pests more efficiently and for longer with fewer issues of wear and tear.


Stormstop Garage Door Seals has been creating high-quality door seals in the UK for almost 30 years and pride ourselves on being industry leaders in quality. To find out more about our range of made-to-last garage door seals, take a look at our range now


Alternatively, contact our team to find out more about how we can help keep your garage space in perfect working condition.

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