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How to Fit Garage Door Top Seal

Sometimes people don't consider a garage door top seal, but they can be extremely effective in insulating the garage and keeping out dust. They are easy to fit and so why not invest in one, to ensure that your garage is kept warm and in good condition.

Ensure the top of the garage door and its frame are clean before you begin, then you will need to measure the full length. Once the full length has been determined, you can carefully cut the top seal down to size. You can then align the top seal with the top underside of the doorframe. Line the seal at one end of the underside of the top doorframe, ensuring the inside corner of the seal is in line with the front face of the garage door when it's closed. Then, simply peel off the release paper on the tape, allowing it to stick. Do this slowly and carefully until the whole thing is secure against the frame. You can then close the door to double check everything is working well with no block.

Check out our brief step by step diagrams below to make sure you understand. Or give us a call, we'd be happy to help!