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How to fit your Garage Door Seals

If you are thinking about fitting a garage door seal, then you are in the right place. We have everything you will need to know about how to fit a garage door seal, and don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think. There are several considerations, preparations, and materials that you will need. But we are here to help. Step by step, you’ll have your garage door seal fitted in no time.

Things that you may need to consider before getting started on your garage door seal are as follows. You will need to understand that different techniques or seals may work better for different garage door types. Determine whether your chosen seal is ideal for your door. Is it a Up and Over garage door? Sectional? Roller (shutter)? Or Side Hinged Garage Door?

You will need to understand a few things about garage door seals before you dive in. The yellow strip on garage floor seals are to help prevent tripping, by making the seal more noticeable. The seal roll should be unravelled ahead of time, so that they are straight and easier to fit. And you should decide whether a top seal, multi seal, floor seal, brush strip or bottom door seal is the best option for you and your garage. Our range of garage door seals will be excellent weather defenders, draught stoppers, pest repellents, and leave blockers. They are multi-purpose and excellent quality!

Check out our extensive step by step guides below, helping you install each type of garage door seal.